The Ferraccia Jewelry Collection is created from only the finest stingray leather available in the world. We offer an array of unique, chic designs, using vibrant custom colors with structured forms and stylish removable and changeable sterling silver pieces. Our partnership is comprised of an American, a Frenchman and a fourth generation French tanner.

The “scales” create a pattern resembling hundreds of dark, glittering pearls. The intricate “bead-work” is as irresistible to the touch as it is to the eye. Stingray leather is unique in its texture in that it sparkles like small gemstones or beads with proper lighting.

In addition to its stunning beauty, stingray leather is incredibly durable. Because each tiny grain is rooted in the underside of the skin, the leather is virtually impossible to cut or tear. Due to the indestructible nature of the hide, stingray leather was actually used by ancient Samurais for body armor and sword handles.

Our French and Thai Craftsmen work diligently with fourth generation French tanners. The tanning and finishing process is highly complex and involves many stages to obtain the incredible suppleness and deep color, while maintaining the durability. We have created a spectrum of thirty custom colors that range from subtle dark browns and black to jewel tones and bright vivid colors. When properly cared for, stingray leather should last more than a lifetime. In fact, objects covered in stingray leather were found in the Tombs of the Pharaohs. To maintain the beauty of the leather occasional cleaning with a damp cloth and air-drying is all that is needed. Transparent leather polish or saddle soap may also be used if needed, using a soft toothbrush to remove any remnants in the grain.

We care deeply about our business and are conscious of the environment. Stingray is not regarded as an endangered species. Stingrays are fished primarily for food all over Asia and many Eastern European Countries where their meat is considered a delicacy. We use the skin as a “by product” of the animal and consider ourselves to be an Eco-Friendly business. Though a stingray may be quite large, the leather of the species that we use comes from the top of the stingray and serves as its armor and “back bone”. The width of the usable leather is rarely over ten inches wide and seventeen inches long in proportion to the size of the animal from which it comes.

Each skin has natural variations and irregularities, which add to the uniqueness and exotic appeal. The size of the grain can vary depending on the age of the stingray and which part of the skin is used. Tanning can also vary according to the thickness of each skin, just as colors permeate differently according to the fineness of the grains resulting in somewhat deeper or lighter hues. Each jewelry piece is unique in that each piece of leather has its own “fingerprint”.

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